The Angelic Voices

The Emmanuel Chapel Methodist Church Choir also known as the Angelic Voices is a central part of the church’s worship and Wesleyan evangelical ministry. It is the song-ministry arm of Emmanuel Chapel. It was constituted shortly after the church’s inauguration in 2012. Over the years, the Emmanuel Chapel Choir(ECC) has led the church in quality worship and praise. It continues to edify the body of Christ during services, liturgical occasions, concerts, private outings and other special events within and outside the church. Its repertoire covers all genres of christian music including gospel, contemporary, negro spiritual spiritual, classical, and natives among others. Building a reputation as one of the very best in the country and primus inter pare, it is a joy to watch and hear.

The music department comprises nearly thirty members forming the multitalented 4-part choir and are drawn from different backgrounds, ably led by the Master of Choristers who, in turn, reports to the Director of Music. The Director of Music is also supported by a Sub-Organist and Band Leader



EC Choir

Mr. Tope Olágúnjú

Director of Music/Organist

Mr. Ezekiel Babalola

Master of Choristers/Assistant Organist

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